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Classic Maple Aged Exotic Collection Series
SGD $1,000.00

Ludwig introduces a limited release of exquisite aged exotic veneers available in our Classic Maple series. Uncovered from a private collection over 30 years of age, these samples of Exotic Wood species capture grain-figures far richer in detail than more contemporary versions of it. Simply breathtaking!

Choose between 4 different Poly-Glass finishes in 4 of our most popular professional outfits. The Aged Exotic Collection features our 10-ply Shell construction with a matching interior finished with a light sealer coat. All outfits have Mini-Classic Lugs and Cast Brass badges. Tom toms feature Vibra-band suspension units with Triad Brackets and includes a 12.55mm mounting clamp. Floor Toms feature Triad brackets with 12.55mm legs. Bass Drums beautifly show off the finish with no mount, New Cast Claws and Elite Spurs.

Used: Yes
Natasha: 34
Weight/kg: 34
MOQ: 34

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